Road of the Red Cow

The Road of the Red Cow

By day she would wander on the road

One direction, self driven by habit

By night she would return ready for the morning

So much of a routine that they called the road “Road of the Red Cow.”


Sometimes lives have so much routine

Just like the red cow walked day and night

Until, maybe either through choice or happenstance

The world as you know it changes.


In the routine world, what is your name?

Road of the Coffee Run for Sanity.

Road of Exercise of the Lost Cause.

Road of Laugh of the Irish Heart.


In the disrupted world, what is your name?

Road of Fall from the Steep Cliff.

Road of Spontaneous Burst of the Wind.

Road of Cry of the Lonely Spirit.


The measured life is sometimes boring

Its safe and repetitive

Throwing caution to the wind

Well, what would you expect?


Rosaleen Crowley



Rosaleen Crowley (signs paintings as Roscro) has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Psychology from University College Cork (UCC), Ireland. She also has a Higher Diploma in Education, and a.Gold Medal for the Speaking of Verse and Prose ( LAMDA) and Associate London College of Music, ALCM ( Speech and Drama )
Rosaleen first moved from Ireland to the South of England and then to the North of England before she relocated to Carmel Indiana, USA. She set up Relocation and Cultural Training Services,LLC. to help employees of International Corporations transition to their new cultural environment. She now spends time between Ireland and the USA.
Rosaleen returned to her Speech and Drama roots in 2006 and founded Indiana Dramatic Arts and Communications. The focus was an annual Festival and Competition. The Festival ran for three years and was hosted by WFYI Public Media. ( a central Indiana’s source for NPR radio and PBS television.)
Currently, Rosaleen spends her time being, an Artist, Poet, Educator and Entrepreneur.
She is President Elect of Association of International Women and President of Carmel Creative Writers, Inc
Rosaleen’s original pantings and giclees and book Point of Connection- a paintings and poetry book are available for sale through her company, Roscro and Co, LLC. Contact:

Bend in the River

Quiet solitude mixed with energy

Contrasting loose and tense

Eyes dancing over the scenery

Making us go the distance.

Like Nature in all it’s glory

Depth of view leading hence

The bend of the river twists with fury

Eking out it’s existence

Dredging sand and mud, like poetry

Creating beauty out of sustenance

From the rolling waters synergy

Comes joy and perseverance.



Rosaleen Crowley

True and Tried

True and Tried

A feeling is rising within
An urge to write something big
Humongous breath,a sigh,a thing
Darkness turns to light in a blink.

Words flow first,refreshingly new
Writer’s delight when thought is true
Technology has been changed
Now,the pencil is replaced.

The heart remains the same
The head is compromised by fame
The feeling and the urge are satisfied
The poem finds it’s name, True and Tried.

Rosaleen Crowley

Angels and Wings

Angels and Wings

If I were to pick a holiday
When only Angels visit
I’d pick Christmas for the reason
That it has a lot of Spirit.

The bright reflection of the Star
Facing towards the North
Gives hope and happiness
To all who choose to go forth.

Extend your hospitality
To each and every guest
Create memories for young and old
But don’t forget to rest.

Should you feel lonely,
Downtrodden and depressed
Spin threads and weave words
Do what you can, live life with zest.

With every day a chance to build
Wings from thoughts and actions
Lift up your spirit, do your best
Plan with good intentions.

Start with kindness and love
As the bell of new year rings
Prepare for better days and years Be your own angel, spread those wings.

Rosaleen Crowley

What’s in a Blog?

What’s in a Blog?
My blog consists of poems and information about past and forth coming events.
My goal for my blog is to find a linkage between my poetry and you, the reader, to find a way to create a dialogue.
Did you read one of my poems?

Was it worth your time?

What, if any, thought, feeling resonated with you?

Did you share with anyone?

Please stay in touch by email and let me know that you have read my blog.

Thank you,

Rosaleen Crowley

(Paintings signed as Roscro)

DeJa Vu

Deja Vu

Autumn rolls round again
Burst of color,blast of energy
Leaves full of life,and then
They tumble,land and later decay

Into that same land forever
Again and again,round and round
Stacking up layer upon layer
Building a fort into a mound

On dried out stricken ash trees
You can hear the Woodpecker peck
Indian summer sun beating
Down,Down on my knees and neck

Rosaleen Crowley

The Heart of the Home

Gone, gone 

There’s no one home

No one,none

I’m all alone.

Empty chair, faded curtains

Blurred vision reflecting even

Blurrier memories.

Still Moment captured in time

After years of noise and laugher

Empty chair, empty hearth

No need to fill the place

Now peace runs through my veins

Like a lullaby in heaven
Rosaleen Crowley