It Came To Me.

Standing alone in a moment in time
The connectivity of molecules in front of me

Remind me of touch.
The stillness captures my sense of solitude,

While the eferecent bubbles arise my curiosity.

What if my creativity could creep through and

Scratch the surface enough to capture the scene.

The sense of balance restored gives me strength 
The message is in the rhythm 

The tension is in the atmosphere

The heart can sing again.

Rosaleen Crowley


The Hearth of the Home

Gone, gone 
There’s no one home

No one,none

I’m all alone.

Empty chair, faded curtains

Blurred vision reflecting even

Blurrier memories.

Still Moment captured in time

After years of noise and laugher

Empty chair, empty hearth

No need to fill the place

Now peace runs through my veins

Like a lullaby in heaven

Rosaleen Crowley 


Childhood Innocence. 

Childhood Innocence. 
It reminds me of childlike innocence

Where fairies dance up and down

A time when it was ok to have no sense

A time when it was fun to be a clown.
Majestic mountain standing proud

Giving strength to all who stare

Shout with all your lungs out loud

Live life, love life,seek to dare.
Simplicity is best experienced after excess

Love regained is twice as sweet

Freedom known through loss

Keeps us on our feet.
After all,it reminds me of been grown up

Dreaming dreams and being a friend

Drinking from the overflowing cup

Happy life,no strife in the end.
Rosaleen Crowley (Copyright)

Boatman Pass By…

Boatman Pass By!
Sitting alone

Holding onto my dreams

Staying close to my roots.
Legs crossed

My spirit is happy

My mind is at ease.
Still,it is not perfect

But that’s how I feel.
Travel if you must

But connect with your heart.

Life is short and tart

Love is long and sweet.
Still,it is not perfect

But it’s a start.
Now comes the end

And I hope I didn’t offend.
Rosaleen Crowley

A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time
The time is now to open your eyes

Let light in,let anger out

Complex compilation of lies,

Built up tension,make me want to shout.
Just like snow covers the ground

Frozen in time contains the pain

A new shape,a new meaning is found

Encapsulating grief,it drips like rain 
Begin again,muddied 

With each ebb and flow a clearer me

The suffering soul is freed

A new lock,a new key.
Rosaleen Crowley

Wall of Love

Wall of Love

Ancient walls have stories to tell

Brick by brick the layers pressed

Moss and clay combine well

To stick like glue like a birds nest 
It starts with patience and a plan

Knowledge and skill entwine

Man made,rising like a mountain

Jagged edges all in a line.

What’s behind the wall?

Bleak tree,a winter’s curse

Wind swept,leaves fall

Beauty in absence,could be worse.
The story of this wall is love.

Rosaleen Crowley

An Exile’s Song

An Exile’s Song
It’s been a while since e’er I saw you

It’s been a while since I was home

But don’t you fear because I love you

When I lay my head down

I know I’ll be home again some day.
It’s been all of seven years

It’s taken all my innocent ways

But I can still see your colors

When I lay my head down

I know I’ll be home again some day
It’s been all of seventeen years

It’s taken all my blonde hair

But I can still hear your music

When I lay my head down

I know I’ll be home again some day
It’s been all of twenty seven years

It’s taken all my breath away

But I can still smell your flowers

When I lay my head down

I know I’m home today

Rosaleen Crowley